Acne Treatment That Really Works!

Complimentary Acne Consultation

Successful Acne Treatment Program of the face, chest, and back that do not use drugs or antibiotics to fight acne. Start an effective treatment now to prevent the development of permanent scarring.

Acne is a treatable skin condition but it is vital to start an effective treatment while the acne is still in an early stage to prevent the development of permanent scarring. There are many factors that may aggravate acne prone prone skin. We will go over all these triggering factors with you during initial consultation with one of our acne specialists.

Acne is not due to dirty skin, poor skin care habits, or even in most cases what you eat. It's not an infection, but a skin inflammation caused by an overgrowth of bacteria that live normally on everyone's skin. Some sufferers may have inherited a predisposition to acne which may be worsened by hormonal changes during adolescence and by stress.

Dermavita acne treatment starts with an individual consultation that includes proper skin analysis, explanation of how genetics, stress, diet and use of over-the-counter products may aggravate your acne prone skin. Acne is a controllable skin condition but not curable. It is the controllable disorder of the follicle evolving from the buildup of dead skin cells and the increased amounts of oil that stick together and sludge up in the pores of genetically indicated individuals. The acne bacteria feed off this mixture, which leads to an inflamed condition. If left untreated it can turn to a serious inflamed stage that causes scarring and emotional discomfort.

When prescribe home care regime is combined with regular Acne Facials and Peels, it works to remove the impactions from the follicle (extraction), reduces infection and scarring, minimizing oil production and keep the skin at its best.

Since the comedone (blackhead) is formed below the surface of the skin, topical, non-penetrating cleansing products can't affect it. Acne is not caused by having a "dirty" face and can't be washed away. Only medicated products that are specifically designed to penetrate into the follicle, loosen the impactions and kill bacteria will be successful in clearing up an acne condition, control oil production and eliminate blackheads. The treatment plan requires commitment of being consistent and keeping in mind there are no "quick fixes" for acne conditions.

We will advise you on a proper skin care regime that is necessary to balance the skin and eventually control your acne. Detailed home care instructions will be given during an initial consultation.