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Laser Hair Removal Seattle

laser hair removal treatment

Get rid of unwanted hair for good.

Our Alma hair removal system is an easy and effective way to permanently treat unwanted hair growth on both smaller and larger areas of the body. It's fast, gentle and affordable. Men and women alike are achieving the smooth, beautiful skin they've always wanted after just a few treatments.

Our laser targets larger areas, resulting in treatments that are fast with minimal discomfort. Your safety is always our number one priority at Dermavita. Our safety protocols ensure our clients' comfort, the most reliable results, and most importantly, our clients' trust.

So if you live in the Seattle area, stop by Dermavita in Kirkland for a treatment. Serving the greater Seattle area including Kirkland, Bellevue, and Redmond since 1992.

Laser Hair Removal
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Laser Hair Removal FAQ's

Q. What is laser hair removal and how does it work?
A. Laser hair removal is a technique that uses beams of highly concentrated light to penetrate the hair follicles. The light is absorbed by pigment in the hair follicles and destroys the hair within the follicle. Laser hair reduction is growing in popularity because it's a safe effective way to remove unwanted body hair. Laser can selectively target dark coarse hair while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.

Q. Why do most people get laser hair removal instead of waxing or tweezing?
A. It removes unwanted body hair permanently. Shaving, waxing and tweezing is not only ongoing but some people develop irritation, rash, nicks and ingrown hairs as a result.

Q. How do I know if I'm a good candidate for laser hair removal?
A. Because laser targets melanin (color) laser hair removal works best on darker pigmented hair. Red white, gray or blonde hair indicates a lack of melanin therefore is not going to be affected by laser hair removal. At Dermavita we offer complimentary consultations where our highly skilled staff can best evaluate your needs and design a treatment plan to meet your goals while managing expectations.

More Laser Hair Removal FAQ's

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