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Acne Treatment

dermavita acne treatment

Why take drugs for acne when you don’t have to?

For more than twenty years we have successfully treated thousands of adults & teenagers suffering from mild to severe acne.

Our patients have found our acne treatments to be very successful, easy to follow, and affordable. Learn how our simple acne program can do wonders for your skin.

Start with an individual consultation that includes proper skin analysis, an explanation of how genetics, stress, diet, and use of over the counter products can aggravate your acne prone skin.

Just next to Seattle, Dermavita of Kirkland has been providing quality acne treatments since 1992. Serving the greater Seattle area including Kirkland, Bellevue, and Redmond.

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Acne Treatment
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Acne Treatment FAQ's

Q: What is acne?

A. Acne is a controllable disorder of the follicle evolving from the buildup of dead skin cells, bacteria, and the increasing amounts of oil that stick together and sludge up the pores of genetically inclined individuals. Acne comes in two basic types and varies in severity from individual to individual:

  1. An inflamed condition normally associated with soreness, redness, swelling, pus formation-nodules, cysts, pustules, papules, etc.
  2. A non-inflamed condition usually accompanied with closed comedones (whiteheads) or open comedones (blackheads). Acne lesions usually occurs on the face, neck, chest and shoulders.
Q: What causes acne?

A. The exact cause of acne is unknown, but doctors believe it results from several related factors. One important factor is an increase in hormones called androgens (male sex hormones). Hormone increase in both boys and girls during puberty, and cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and make more sebum.

Q: Does everyone get acne?

A. Acne affects all skin colors and skin types. It can be a frustrating issue as you never know if, where, or when it will present itself. People with skin of color are faced with additional challenges such as post inflammatory dark spots and scarring, thus preventative care is essential.

Q: How can I control my acne

A. Any acne therapy has 3 goals: First, to kill the Propionibacterium acnes; second, to reduce inflammation, and third, to prevent sebaceous glands from producing excess oil, clogging pores and creating an environment that allows the P.acne bacteria to flourish.

You can control your acne through the continued use of a properly prescribed skin regime for home care and in-clinic treatments on a regular basis. Under these circumstances, you can expect your acne to be improved in approximately 3 months. Most acne conditions, if left untreated, will worsen and increase the chance of scarring. Each treatment will bring you one step closer to having clear skin.

Q: What can I expect during my acne consultation?

A. During your complimentary consultation you will be evaluated and the optimum treatment regimen will be outlined for you. An acne specialist will provide you with a comprehensive overview of causes that may contribute to your acne condition and how genetics, stress, diet and use of over-the-counter products can aggravate your acne prone skin.

Q: How can I prepare myself for a consultation?

A. It is a good idea to prepare for your first visit by making notes about your acne. You will be asked about your background, things like how long you've had acne, how you've treated it and what was your experience with previous treatments. If you provide us with detailed information about what you have used in the past, we can tell if the medication was too strong, if it was used improperly, or if you just didn't respond to it. There are many factors that can aggravate acne prone skin, and the more information we have from you about allergies, things that have triggered flare ups in the past, your diet, lifestyle, and supplements you are taking the more likely we will be able to help you. Make sure you prepare any questions you might have. Being informed will make your treatment much easier to deal with.

Q: What will I experience during an in-clinic Acne Treatment, and how does it benefit me?

A. The treatment will help in normalizing the skin, preventing breakouts and controlling even the most difficult-to treat-acne. Therapeutic Acne Facials are corrective procedures designed to exfoliate dead skin cells and cleanse the follicle (pores). We treat the face and those parts of the neck, back and chest affected by skin disorders such as acne, razor bumps and post inflammatory pigmentation. During the treatment, a steam-activated enzyme mask will soften the skin impactions, making the extraction of skin impurities more successful. To enhance the effectiveness, a chemical peel, high frequency or oxygen treatment may be added or substituted during your regular visit.

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